Columbia Area Transit in Hood River County

Schedules and Routes

Hood River County Transportation District provides public transportation in Hood River County under the name of Columbia Area Transit (CAT).

Flag Us Down – Make your own bus stop. If there are no CAT bus stop signs nearby, you can “flag” or simply wave to signal the bus driver to stop anywhere on the fixed-route that’s safe for the driver to pull over.

Be sure to stand on the correct side of the road. Remember to always check for traffic when exiting the vehicle. Traffic doesn’t stop for our buses as it does for a school bus, so never cross in front of the bus!

Accessible Buses – All CAT buses have wheelchair lifts or ramps and are accessible to customers in wheelchairs. All CAT Drivers are specially trained to assist customers with disabilities. Priority seating is given to seniors and persons with disabilities on our vehicle.

Reasonable Accommodation – Riders may request a “reasonable modification” to our policies, procedures or practices if it allows them to use or better access our services. Reasonable accommodation requests must be made in advance, before the trip is made, to ensure the request can be granted. Anyone who has asked for a reasonable modification and been denied may file a complaint form, asking their request be reconsidered.

Bikes on Buses – All CAT buses are equipped with bike racks. The racks are safe and easy to use. All drivers are knowledgeable about the use of bike racks.

Service Animals – Service or guide animals are allowed on all CAT Transit buses other animals are only allowed if they are in a confined carrying container.

Children – Children 10 and under ride free with a paying passenger. Children 11 years and older may ride without a parent but must pay a fare.

Contact CAT:
Phone: 541-386-4202

Hood River CAT