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Gorge Regional Transit Strategy - Gorge TransLink

Gorge Regional Transit Strategy

Gorge Regional Transit Strategy

Vision: Public transit supports thriving Columbia River Gorge communities by providing access to critical services, higher education, jobs, and outdoor recreation while protecting the natural wonders of the Gorge.

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to develop a roadmap for a regionally coordinated and integrated public transportation system in a rural 5-county, bi-state region adjacent to the large metropolitan areas of Portland/Vancouver.

What we did in Phase 1

Phase 1 concluded in Winter 2021 and focused on strengthening partnerships, analyzing local transportation plans in the Columbia Gorge, and developing a collective regional vision. The main objective of Phase 1 was to combine the goals, policies, and priorities of local transportation planning efforts to provide a foundation for the work of the regional stakeholders to develop the vision and goals that would guide the implementation strategies of the next phase. Learn more about the outcomes of Phase 1 in the Final GTS Foundations Memo.

The plan for Phase 2

Phase 2 work will focus on a more comprehensive implementation strategy including further data analysis, funding and financial planning, assessment of potential regional organizational structures, and operational and policy strategies.

At the end of Phase 2, we’ll deliver a document for adoption by each of the five counties with prioritized and actionable strategies and recommendations, including a transit map that clearly articulates the Region’s vision of a successful regional transit system.

Project Documents